#Verybusy, always fast, in a rush, ahead of the game. Modern life flows quickly and we are called to create ourselves some space for fun. We keep the rhythm high between the office, deadlines, things to do. But just imagine if the grey monotone things we use everyday were coming to life and filling our everyday routines with creativity and entertainment.

Eat out doesn’t have to be a boring experience. It can be fun and delightful, you just need the good tools and fun workmates.

A recent study suggests that Albert Einstein’s extraordinary genius may have been related to a uniquely shaped brain. Researchers compared Einstein’s brain to 85 ‘normal’ human brains to determine, what, if any, unusual features it possessed. And indeed, these suspicions turned out to be true. His brain hemispheres were uniquely well connected.

The time we spend keeping things organized and arranging a handy environment is a savings of time for the future. Spend time to save time.

Work hard and laugh hard. Create the opportunity for some fun in your daily working routine. Surprise your mates and make their day.

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