Everything around changes but childhood never does: our #modernkids are eager to discover the world with their eyes and touch it with their hands. They want to be inspired, have the ability to see beyond things, and play with reality. Always bearing in mind that an inventive child will more likely turn into a happy adult.

Colors and shapes are very important in kids cognitive development. They help them to learn how to observe and categorize the world around them. Playing with shapes and fitting them in, helps our kids to develop physical abilities and sense of precision.

Did you know that the pi

Imagination is a key point in the learning process of our kids and in their development. And it is essential to offer them activities that boost that imagination and let them be creative.

“One day a crocodile went into a cave and suddenly you could see his face. He look in all the directions and what happened then, and what happened then, he fell asleep” nursery song

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