Our constantly growing food culture is completely changing our habits. We care about what we eat more than ever: so why don’t we care about how we eat too? Don’t just spice up your food: carefully sort the ingredients, cook with  love, enjoy a meal with friends and the delight of eating well.

Food porn is the art of staging a dish in a beautiful, seductive and irresistible way, photographing it with talent and broadcast it through visual media. The expression was first coined by the feminist critic Rosalind Coward in 1984 in her book Female Desire.

Join the monochromatic trend. White projects purity, wholeness, neutrality. It’s the color of peace and perfection.

“We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.” – Epicurus

The bowler hat was born in the mid 19th century among the British and American working class and became popular the century after among the upper classes of these same regions.

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