Those days when you can slowly wake up without the alarm clock ringing. That easy Sunday morning walking barefoot through the kitchen whilst cooking a good meal for your family. The winter days when a hard rain is falling outside and you are inside, chilling on the sofa with your friends.

Cactus is the star. They are popping in our interiors and we love them.

Whether you are an adventurer, a curious person, or if you have an overwhelming desire for enjoying life, there are certain things that you must do in your lifetime. Are you ready?

It’s proven that having a fish tank at home or in the office helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Observing it is a relaxing experience that brings us back to our anatomy and survival instincts and makes us feel good.

Do you know where most Las Vegas neon signs such as the famous Caesars Palace end their lives? In a Neon Boneyard, downtown Vegas. They serve as inspiration to fascinated artists, students, historians and designers.

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